The Brave Love Movement is inspiring women across the earth to love with action. 

Brave love motivates us to look out and to love others from our own understanding of how much God loves us and opens our eyes to see the power of what love can look like when you give it away. 

Brave Love will create a woman in you who will say yes to God in all situations.

Brave Love will unveil what God has given you, what he has woven into your design.
Brave Love will empower you to live out that message with boldness and courage. 

Brave Love is about you connecting with God, your Father and finding out what you are capable of with Him.

Brave Love is each woman knowing that what they have to bring to the world is powerful and effective. 


Gone will be the days where we will speak of current or past names of female world shakers as if that breed of women has come and gone. But we will walk in that very anointing that shook and is shaking the world. The same great need for healing and salvation covers the world today. God is asking His daughters to demonstrate a brave love that will flood fields across the world. He is asking us to be soul winners, to train others, and not relent until we see His return.

Brave Love is Jesus. Brave Love is Jesus in you. You are Brave Love.



Jesus' love is for one and all. His love and grace has no boundaries, groups, stereotypes. Brave Love is grounded in Jesus. With this in mind every person has a message that is unique to them. This message and calling is what enables every single one of us to be part of spreading the good news of God's love to this world.

If you'd like to check out the Brave Love Youth Movement click here.


Brian & Christy Brennt, the founders of BL, have been married for 30 years and have dedicated their lives to seeing others enjoy their full inheritance in Christ through prayer, teaching and discipleship. Christy has suffered from a chronic debilitating illness for most of their marriage but through her perseverance and overcoming joy, has cultivated sweet revelations of what it means to fully surrender and follow Jesus with your whole heart.


Brave Love was birthed from Christy’s journey of discipling women through the years in spite of her own health limitations and Brian’s observation of the impact that one woman can have when she gives her whole-hearted Yes to God with no excuses. The desire of God’s heart to see His daughters activated in His courage and His love was revealed and the pillars of the Brave Love message were written together by both of them.

The Brave Love movement was birthed in 2012 in a humble garage gathering in Southern California with about 30 women. At that time there were no materials and no name for the meeting, but Christy brought a profound teaching that God had given her about women as catalysts. From that initial time, Brave Love gatherings began to multiply as the sound of activated love and the need for courage resonated in the hearts of women across the nation. The Brave Love movement continues to grow as God raises up female messengers and establishes Brave Love projects to impact the earth through His daughters.

Brave Love is under the umbrella of Circuit Riders and YWAM where it is run by a core team of women.
You can check out the original Brave Love website here.



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Suz Holmes felt led to pray about visiting one of her daughters who was on mission in Hawaii. Someone generously gifted all costs for the trip.
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Suz met with Shannon Casteel 
(leader of Brave Love in Kona). The message of Brave Love so captivated her heart Suz knew it needed to be brought to the women in her church.
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However, God had bigger plans - Brave Love needed to be shared with the whole of New Zealand. God pulled a group of women together, and without fully knowing what Brave Love was, a dedicated team was formed.
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JUNE 2018
After much prayer, gathering together and planning, we celebrated the launch of Brave Love NZ in Manukau, AKL with a big dance party!
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- Continue to seek the Lord and    His will for this movement.
- Expansion throughout NZ and    the Pacific Islands.
- Link into global operations.
- Featuring in Girls’ Brigade NZ      curriculum.
We’ve had many more events, and introduced Squads. We’ve built community and we’ve seen the lives of women transformed as they are activated in their God-given purpose.
Our first nationwide Brave Love Gathering! Shannon + team came to train us. We saw nearly 300 women and youth come and be activated in their BL Message and callings!


These are the core values of Brave Love NZ. By infusing these in every aspect of our lives we will see the culture of New Zealand change. Feel free to click through the images to see the description and scriptures for each value.